Charlotte’s Review

Charlotte’s Review

Our office dogs are so entertaining. Our Charlotte is calm, and likes to carefully chose her places to sit on. This lady has her favorites: Daddy’s chair, my knees (and my chair also), and yesterday, she decided to add the Alion wine cases to her sitting list.


Our Charlotte loves to sit on the Alion’s wine cases. Will she let you get some bottles of it? ?

Today, this sneaky one wanted to try the Vinedo of Chadwick wine, but sorry Charlotte, those ones are already reserved…!


Charlotte is back, and she can’t stop sniff at all the wines we have in the office. Particularly at the best ones… This Vinedo of Chadwick is the highest scoring wine in Chile, and belongs to the same family owners than Seña. ?

This little one is full of surprises, stay updated to find out about Charlotte’s next choices !

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